Affiliate Application


  • Level 1 - Affiliate will receive a 10% discount. You will receive 10% commission once a month. After your link/code has been used 50 times you will be considered level 2 affiliate.

  • Level 2 - Affiliate will have 10% discount and 10% commission plus 1 free bottle of hot sauce or bbq sauce. Once you link/code has been used 100 times you can move to level 3 Affiliate.

  • Level 3 - Affiliate will receive 15% discount code, 10% commission and 3 bottles of our product. Once your link/code has been used 200 times you will be considered for Partnership.

  • Partnerships will receive 30% discount code, 10% commission, Plus 6 bottles of product a month.

Please make sure the email you use to sign up for our affiliate program is linked to your PayPal account so that we can pay out your commissions. SAUCE IT UP!