Do you Love Kindr3d Nations (Kindr3d Sauce Co. LLC), are an awesome streamer and want an opportunity to represent our company? Your time is now!

What kind of benefits, you ask? What are the prerequisites?

As a KN3 Partner, you will have many benefits that will help you grow as a streamer and allow you to be seen in a more professional light. Benefits and rewards include but are 1254
not limited to:
  • Free KN3 Merchandise & Goods
  • Access to our exclusive KN3 Stream Team Discord Chat
  • An invitation to stream on our official Twitch Channel Kindr3d Nations Stream Team
  • Free exclusive emotes
  • A feature on our website & newsletters
  • A “Going Live” bot to let our community know you are live streaming
  • Free Graphics to be used on stream & Social media
  • A chance to be chosen for a Kindr3d Sauce in your name
  • Discount code for your viewers

What are the prerequisites?

Any members of our KN3 community can apply! However, there are a few requirements to qualify:

  • Minimum of 10 Average viewership
  • Minimum of 500 followers on your preferred streaming platform
  • A strong social media following outside of your chosen platform
  • Be a member of our KN3  Content Creator Team, as the Stream Team is considered a promotion
  • Stream on Twitch or YouTube

We’re looking for kind-spirited, fun, and creative streamers that will really showcase what the Kindr3d Nations community represents and uphold company values.

* Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee you a spot on our official Stream Team partner program – they are just guidelines for when you decide to apply. 



Our Official Stream Team Partners

Content Creator Team Manager


Grizzly is an 18+ streamer, full of high eneregy, fun times, and funny jokes! Stop in and get serenaded as Grizzly is also your soon to be favorite singing streamer, entertaining his audience with a variety of songs! His main work however is advocating mental health, because he knows mental health is whole body health. So stop in, get comfy, and welcome to the Grizzly's Den!

Credited Graphics to Xx_Ms.Sniped_xX