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1. All Kindred Nation members must read and follow the Kindred Nation Code of Conduct, Xbox Live terms of service, Playstation Terms of service, PC terms of service and uphold all of these at all times 2. Every member of Kindred Nation must respect every gamer that is a member and nonmember. This includes: race, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, personal interest, and/or investment. In game conduct include but are not limited to, griefing, flaming, and team killing. 3. Leaving a member behind is strictly enforced within Kindred Nation. Never leaving a member behind includes: game nights, tournaments, meetings, and gaming in general. 4. Any form of poaching is not permitted. Poaching includes coaxing any member from a different clan or community for recruitment purposes is strictly prohibited. 5. Kindred Nation encourage members to change their gamer tag to “KN” to reflect they are in a gaming community. 6. Your Xbox Live profile settings, including NAME, LOCATION, and BIO, must be visible at all times so other members of KN can authenticate you as an actual member. All members must know the security question(s), and their answers within 30 days of joining KN. NOTE: deleting your profile or bio is considered quitting. If this occurs, you have 24 hours to replace the information and retain current membership. Once 24 hours elapse you must start over as a new member. 7. In Kindred Nation all members can use the “Open Door Policy”. The open door policy gives members the opportunity to talk to a higher-ranking member for advice on how to handle situation or advice. Note: The open door policy doesn’t mean it will over ride any decisions made, also does not give you the permission to join higher-ranking members meeting without permission.(edited) [2:43 PM] 8. Accepting any leadership role within Kindred Nation, you are expected to conduct yourself properly, willing to learn, and have a high level of professionalism. (This privilege is a choice of members if they want to be in a leadership role, you will be removed/asked to step down/demoted if at anytime you can not achieve these) 9. Kindred Nation members must always maintain a professional attitude and manner during gameplay lobbies an party chat, showing we a respectful and are a positive gaming community. 10. Kindred Nation members are not permitted to be in other clan/communities or organizations while in Kindred Nation. 11. If a higher-ranking member invites you to a party, you must reply in a timely manner as the invite could be about something urgent. If a higher-ranking member asks you to leave a party, you should do so immediately as it could be an urgent manner. 12. Any member who damages/destroys any material or non-material including intellectual property that belongs to Kindred Nation, regardless if it is intentional or not, could be prosecuted civilly and/or criminally. 13. Members should attend a minimum of 2 meetings, and two squad game night/workshops/sit-ins, or activity night per month. Doing this will keep the community active. If the member cannot attend, please inform your squad leaders. Officers may request more participation, but members are not “required” to do more than their rank calls for. 14. Any form of hacking, illegal activities, and software alteration are strictly prohibited and enforced within Kindred Nation. Disclaimer: Kindred Nation upholds the Code of Conduct and expects all the members to uphold it, there is a zero-tolerance policy for any violation of the Code of Conduct. Senior Leadership reserve the right to remove any member regardless of rank, age, position within Kindred Nation.